Bamboo Flooring Problems

There have been many problems that have come up with bamboo flooring, since this product is still very new to the flooring industry don’t be surprised if you see more problems as the product ages.

The most common problems with bamboo flooring products are:

  • Off Gassing of toxic chemicals Formaldehyde and Urea that the factories in China use to manufacturer the product
  • The finish scratches very easily and some reports of the finish flaking off due to inferior finishes used in China.
  • There have been many complaints about the flooring denting very easy from furniture, kids and pets. The reason for this is that bamboo grows to its full length in 3 months but it takes 3 – 5 years for the plant to fully mature and harden. Most plantations in China harvest the bamboo after 3 months because it is more profitable and they don’t care about the quality of your flooring.
  • Bamboo flooring can’t be refinished

If you have installed bamboo flooring in your home and have experienced any problems please comment about them below.

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